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The Best Of Me Quotes

The Best Of Me Quotes:“The Best of Me” movie quotes bring another romantic novel from Nicolas Sparks to the big screen. The drama film was adapted by Will Fetters and J. Mills Goodloe and directed by Michael Hoffman. “The Best of Me” opened in theaters on October 17, 2014.

Best Of Me Quotes 2021

In “The Best of Me,” youngsters Amanda (Liana Liberato) and Dawson (Luke Bracey) are teenage loves who were torn apart after Amanda’s family convinces Dawson to leave her for her own good. Both move on, with Amanda marrying another man and having a child and Dawson spending time in prison.

So 21 years later when they run into one another when they return to their hometown after the death of a mutual friend, old feelings come back. The older Dawson (James Marsden) tries to explain to Amanda (Michelle Monaghan) why he left her many years ago and how he won’t make that same mistake again. But with Amanda’s new family, going back to that life with Dawson isn’t quite that simple.

“The Best of Me” brings some romance to theaters already filled with other great movies including St. Vincent,” “Pride,” “Good People,” “The Boxtrolls,” “This is Where I Leave You,” “The Skeleton Twins,” and “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby.”

A Lot of Things Have Changed Since I Last Saw You

A Lot of Things Have Changed Since I Last Saw You

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Amanda: “A lot of things have changed since I last saw you. I don’t know what happened.”
Dawson: Life”

Dawson: “There was so much you wanted to do.”
Amanda: “I wanted to it with you! I blame you for thinkin’ you knew what was best for me when it was you that was best for me.”

Amanda and Dawson need to work some things out. She feels resentment for him deciding what he thought was best for her, when she believed that being with him was that best choice.

You Are the Very Best of Me

The Best Of Me Quotes

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Dawson: “You weren’t just someone I loved back then, you are the very best of me.”

Dawson tries to explain to Amanda just how much she means to him. While it may have seemed otherwise with his decisions many years ago, he now realizes just how much he loves her.

I’m Not Going to Lose You Again

The Best Of Me Quotes

Dawson: “I lost you once. I’m not going to lose you again.”

Dawson knows what he had and what he lost. He does not want to make that same mistake again.

Everything That Happens, Happens for a Reason

The Best Of Me Quotes

Amanda: “Someone once said, ‘it is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.’ But I believe everything that happens, happens for a reason.”

Amanda weighs in on her opinion of destiny noting that while she doesn’t fully give into either side of the argument, she does think things happen for a reason, including her reuniting with Dawson.

You Don’t Know How to Flirt, Do You, Dawson?

You Don't Know How to Flirt, Do You, Dawson?

Young Amanda: “You don’t know how to flirt, do you, Dawson?”
Young Dawson: “I guess I blew it the other day.”
Young Amanda: “You did. Well, what are you going to do about it?”

The young Dawson and Amanda flirt, though admittedly not well, with each other. Little do they know then just how big of a connection they will have later in life.

It’s Been a Long Time

The Best Of Me Quotes

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Dawson: “Amanda”
Amanda: “Dawson”
Dawson: “I’m sorry, I’m all messed up.”
Amanda: “How did you find out?”
Dawson: “I got a call from a lawyer, something in Tuck’s will. I’m supposed to meet with him tomorrow.”
Amanda: “10 am?”
Dawson: “Yeah”
Amanda: “Yeah, me too”
Dawson: “It’s been a long time.”
Amanda: “20 years”
Dawson: “21, but, I mean, who’s counting? You look amazing.”
Amanda: “I gotta go. I’m late. I’m meeting my mom. I’m going to meet her at her house.”
Dawson: “Oh, all right”
Amanda: “Good to see you”
Dawson: “Yeah, you too”

Dawson and Amanda see each other for the first time in over two decades. While it is a bit awkward, especially under the circumstances of the death of a mutual friend, there is a lingering spark between them.

Should this be higher or lower?

Is There Anyone That You Want to Call?

The Best Of Me Quotes

Doctor: “It’s a miracle that you’re alive, Dawson. Is there anyone that you want to call?”

After an accident at work sends Dawson to the hospital, the doctor asks if there is anyone they should notify. Dawson can think of only one person.

You Couldn’t Have Gotten Bald or Fat or Something?

The Best Of Me Quotes

Amanda: “This is dangerous. You have gotten better looking. You couldn’t have gotten bald or fat or something? Geez.”
Dawson: “I miss this.”

Amanda reflects on how if Dawson had let himself go, rather than become better looking, things would be easier. Alas, Dawson looks better than ever which makes reuniting with him a sticky situation.

You want me to fall back in love with you? How do I do that if I haven’t ever stopped?


This is dangerous, we’ve had wine, and you somehow have gotten better looking which is so annoying. I mean you couldn’t have gotten bald or fat or something? Jesus!


Young Amanda:
Dawson, What would you risk for me?

Younger Dawson:

Young Amanda:
Then let me love you like that. Please.


Young Amanda:
Are you actually about to say something else?

Younger Dawson:
My cousin thinks you were trying to talk to me the other day.

Young Amanda:
I was.

Younger Dawson:
He thinks I blew it.

Young Amanda:
You did. You don’t know how to flirt, do you?

Younger Dawson:
Guess not.

Young Amanda:
Well, what are you gonna do about it? OK. This isn’t working. OK, I’ll tell you want. uh… I want you to think about it and, uh… meet me at Squeals Saturday night at 6:00 maybe? – Dawson nodes his head – Is that a yes?

Younger Dawson:

Young Amanda:
OK. Maybe you’ll figure out how to flirt with me by then. -Amanda Starts Engine – Thank you.

Younger Dawson:
You’re welcome.


Remember that thistle problem I had in the garden last year? Thistle is one tough weed. You can’t pull it, or mow it. You have to dig it out by the root.While I was digging I got to thinking about you and have wounds that never healed and you lived with them so long you don’t even know they’re there anymore.Pain has deep roots.The only way to dig it out is to forgive him, and forgive yourself.


I love who I am when I’m with you, Amanda.

You are my dearest friend, my deepest love.

You are the very best of me.

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