Good Friday Alcohol Laws NSW

Good Friday Alcohol Laws NSW

It’s a question that pops up at least once every time Easter comes around: “Can you buy alcohol on Good Friday?”

The simple answer for 2022 is yes. But with the nation currently in lockdown and the government urging everyone to stay at home on Good Friday – and any other day for that matter – the rules have changed for this year.

Bottle shops are still closed on Good Friday. So if it’s a slab or case you’re after, it’s best to get that early.

However, licensed venues have been given the green light to serve alcohol with meals for delivery or takeaway. Another option is to hit up your local brewery for a quick pick-up or delivery.

Types of establishments that sell alcohol on Good Friday

1. Delivery or takeaway from restaurants, bars and other licensed venues

If it were any other year, licensed venues such as restaurants could serve you alcohol, for consumption on the premises only, between midday and 10pm.

However, in 2020 new rules have been applied to comply with social distancing laws in the context of COVID-19. As all dining venues are currently closed, Liquor & Gaming NSW has announced greater flexibility around serving alcohol as takeaway or delivery over the Easter break.

Licensed restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and cafes that would typically be able to trade on Good Friday may do so if they wish as takeaway or delivery only. Alcohol must be sold with an accompanying meal order and trade is only permitted between midday and 10pm on the day.

Additionally, if it’s just food you’re after, clubs, hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes that wouldn’t typically be able to trade on Good Friday are permitted to offer takeaway or home delivery on the day.

2. Microbreweries – buy from the producer/cellar door

While you shouldn’t be travelling to wine country over the Easter break (unless you actually live there), microbreweries are becoming a dime a dozen in Sydney and other major cities around Australia. So if there’s one in your suburb, you could swing by to pick up a few tinnies for the day.

Opening hours are dependent on the microbrewery itself – should they choose to open at all. Many have already turned to delivery, so visit their website first to see if they can come to you so you can stay at home over Easter.

While the law states that no takeaway alcohol may be sold on Good Friday, there’s a loophole. Producers and cellar doors are exempt and will be able to sell you booze.

For anyone in Sydney looking to buy a few beers who forgot to stock up in time, the answer could be a quick drive-by your local brewery. Remember, only travel if necessary. Many of these offer delivery which could be a better option for you.

Where can I get booze on Good Friday?

If you’re anything like us, this should sound familiar: it’s Good Friday, you’ve got nothing in the house, and there’s some sort of social occasion for which you obviously need a bottle. Except it’s the one day of the year when booze is least available. So, before you head out around town in a desperate state of alcohol-deprived panic, what are your options?

NSW has strict laws on alcohol sales on Xmas and Good Friday, which boil down to the following: absolutely no takeaway alcohol, and licensed venues can only serve on premises from midday-10pm. So, in other words, bottleshops are closed. And while pubs are open, they can’t serve takeaway alcohol.

There’s one loophole: venues that have a producer’s license (ie: that brew/distill/ferment) may be able to sell their wares. So get ready to stock up on fresh growlers of cracking local brews, some craft spirits or even a six-pack.

Where can I get booze on Good Friday?

The Grifter Brewing Co

1. The Grifter Brewing Co

  • Bars
  • Breweries
  • Marrickville
  • price 1 of 4

Good Friday noon-10pm (take away beers available)
Saturday noon-10pm
Sunday noon-10pm
Monday noon-9pm

Archie Rose

2. Archie Rose

  • Bars
  • Rosebery

Good Friday noon-11.30pm (full distillery range available for take away)
Saturday noon-11.30pm
Easter Sunday noon-10pm
Monday noon-10pm

Young Henrys

3. Young Henrys

  • Bars
  • Newtown

Good Friday noon-7pm (take away beers and ciders available)
Saturday noon-7pm
Easter Sunday noon-7pm
Monday noon-7pm

4 Pines Brewing Company

4. 4 Pines Brewing Company

  • Bars
  • Manly

Good Friday noon-10pm (take away beers available)
Saturday 11am-midnight
Easter Sunday 11am-midnight
Monday 11am-midnight

Modus Operandi

5. Modus Operandi

  • Bars
  • Mona Vale

Good Friday noon-10pm (take away beers available)
Saturday noon-10pm
Easter Sunday noon-10pm
Monday Closed

Poor Tom's Gin Hall

6. Poor Tom’s Gin Hall

  • Bars
  • Cocktail bars
  • Marrickville
Good Friday noon-10pm (full range available)
Saturday noon-10pm
Sunday noon-9pm
Willie the Boatman

7. Willie the Boatman

  • Bars
  • St Peters

Good Friday 3-9pm (take away beers available)
Saturday noon-7pm
Easter Sunday noon-7pm
Monday Closed

Rocks Brewery and Bar

8. Rocks Brewery and Bar

  • Bars
  • Alexandria

Good Friday 9am-midnight (take away beers available)
Saturday 9am-midnight
Easter Sunday 9am-10pm
Monday 9am-10pm

Wayward Brewing Co

9. Wayward Brewing Co

  • Bars
  • Annandale

Good Friday noon-10pm (take away growler and squealer refills, plus bottled beer and wine available)
Saturday noon-8pm
Easter Sunday noon-8pm
Monday 2-8pm

Manly Spirits Co

Photograph: Manly Spirits Co

10. Manly Spirits Co

  • Bars
  • Cocktail bars
  • Brookvale

Good Friday 3-10pm (take away spirits available)
Saturday noon-10pm
Easter Sunday noon-6pm
Monday Closed

Nomad Brewing Co

11. Nomad Brewing Co

  • Bars
  • Brookvale

Good Friday noon-8pm (take away beers available)
Satruday noon-6pm
Sunday noon-6pm
Monday Closed

NSW Scores Takeaway Booze Exemption for Good Friday and ANZAC Day

Ante up, digger. The pub is open for takeaway booze this long weekend. In a strange turn of events, Liquor & Gaming NSW and NSW Fair Trading have released a Statement of Regulatory of Intent to bend the strict lockdown rules slightly, seeing more takeaway alcohol sales allowed on Good Friday and ANZAC Day. The move comes in response to dwindling sales and revenue for clubs, pubs, small bars, cafes and restaurants, which have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Good Friday Alcohol 2

According to the statement, Liquor & Gaming NSW has implemented an exceptional set of circumstances that allow for greater flexibility for business owners. John Tansey, executive director of policy and strategy said while businesses can’t get back all their lost days, lifting the long weekend alcohol restrictions will create an opportunity for trade. “This is for the businesses doing it tough and people at home doing the right thing to protect their communities,” he said. “Some licensees who hold a liquor licence would normally be able to trade on a Good Friday but we’re extending that to all pubs, clubs, small bars, restaurants and cafes that sell food. Likewise, ANZAC Day is normally a restricted day for trade, but given the circumstances, it’s also a chance for some of our most impacted businesses to maintain operations and keep their staff employed.”

What Does the Good Friday and ANZAC Day Exemption Mean?

On a basic level, the take-out alcoholic drink changes mean you can buy booze on days and from places you wouldn’t normally be able to. On Good Friday, pubs, clubs, small bars, restaurants and cafes with liquor licences can sell takeaway alcohol, with a meal, during their normal trading hours within a 12pm to 10pm window. But don’t think you’re in for a mass bottle shop visit. The exemption does not apply to packaged liquor licensees such as bottle shops – those businesses are subject to their normal Good Friday closure.

On ANZAC Day, pubs, clubs, small bars, restaurants and cafes with liquor licences can sell alcohol during their usual trading hours, and packaged liquor licensees can open as usual from 1pm until normal close of trade.

So, while you can pick up take-out booze and few cheeky alcoholic beverages this Good Friday and ANZAC Day, don’t push it too hard. Social distancing measures still apply and you should only head out to pick up supplies and head straight home. “This Easter long weekend and ANZAC Day will look very different to all we’ve had before but I’m sure people will find creative and safe ways to connect with their friends and loved ones while practising social distancing,” Tansey said.

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