92+ Christmas Cookies Recipes Ideas With Pleasant Look – WISHES & QUOTES

92+ Christmas Cookies Recipes Ideas With Pleasant Look

You should treat your family and friends to something sweet. Discover the best Christmas cookie recipes for cutouts, gingerbread cookies, and more.

Best Christmas Cookies Recipes Ideas

Gingerbread Men Cookies

Gingerbread man cookies are a must for any holiday treat platter! The recipe below is tried-and-true and I’m happy to share it with you. —Mitzi Sentiff, Annapolis, Maryland

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Jeweled Coconut Drops

Coconut cookies are flavored with red raspberry preserves. This shaped cookie never lasts long when I make it for my husband and two sons for potlucks and cookie exchanges. —Ellen Marie Byler, Munfordville, Kentucky


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Peppermint Meltaways

This recipe for peppermint meltaways looks very festive on a cookie platter. I often wrap these peppermint cookies in red or green plastic wrap and adorn one corner with a bright holiday bow. The cookies are truly melt-in-your-mouth! —Denise Wheeler, Newaygo, Michigan


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Buttery Spritz Cookies

I display my Christmas cookie tray with this tender spritz cookie recipe. You can make these spritz cookies into a variety of shapes because the dough is easy to work with. The recipe for these spritz cookies is my favorite. Thanks, Beverly Launius, Sandwich, Illinois

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Whipped Shortbread

Shortbread Christmas cookies that melt in your mouth. I make them mostly for the holidays, but I also prepare them for bridal showers and ladies’ teas year-round. —Jane Ficiur, Bow Island, Alberta

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Fill your kitchen with holiday cheer with this Christmas songs playlist.

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Rum Balls

The rum flavor shines through nicely in these traditional, no-bake rum balls. Then I give them to my neighbors for Christmas – Audrey Larson, Bloomington, Minnesota

Learn how to buy the perfect baking sheet.

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Vanilla Butter Sugar Cookies Exps Ucsbz17 2529 C05 31 4b 8

Vanilla-Butter Sugar Cookies

One of my favorite Christmas cookies is this one. The dough recipe can also be used for other holidays. Decorating is fun for kids. —Cynthia Ettel, Glencoe, Minnesota

Our best tips for baking sugar cookies.

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Cranberry-White Chocolate Cookies

One of my favorite holiday cookies is this recipe. During the holiday season, I prepare batches and freeze them. —Sherry Conley, Noel, Hants County, Nova Scotia

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Scottish Shortbread Exps Diyd20 1889 B09 17 3b 2

Scottish Shortbread

Over 150 years ago, Scottish settlers first settled in this area. She passed along this shortbread recipe to me, as she did with most of my favorite recipes. To enjoy and give as gifts each year, I make three batches of it. —Rose Mabee, Selkirk, Manitoba

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Dipped Gingersnaps

These soft, chewy cookies give me great satisfaction when I make and give them as yuletide treats. Adding white chocolate to gingersnaps makes them even more special. —Laura Kimball, West Jordan, Utah

I call these cookies “Christmas Cookies” because they are vanilla biscuits cut into Christmas shapes and frosted with colourful festive frosting. Although they are moist and buttery, they are not quite as crumbly or buttery as shortbread cookies. Vanilla biscuits are as classic as they come.


The recipe for this particular biscuit is made so that shapes can be cut out – in this case, Christmas shapes. The typical cookie spreads and puffs up so that it looks nothing like the shape you expected!

In the photo below, you can see how well these hold their shape because of the sharp ridges and corners.


Photo of plain sugar cookies with no frosting

What you need for Christmas Cookies

The nice thing about these Christmas Cookies is that they’re made with pantry staples – so there’s no need to add to your ever growing Christmas grocery shopping list!!!

What you need for Christmas Cookies

How to make Christmas Cookies

One of the nice things about this recipe is that it does not require chilling. During Christmas madness, who has time for chilling? !

It can be scrunched up and rolled up again until all the scraps are used up.


How to make Christmas Cookies - Cut out Sugar Cookies

Because these are sweet vanilla biscuits, they are flavoured enough and sweet enough to serve plain. But if you are inclined to ice them, pop over to my Icing for Christmas Cookies (PS I also share my quick ‘n easy way to ice them!)

Photo of tray filled with Christmas sugar cookies

So. Many. Cookies.

A sight that will catapult anyone into serious Christmas spirit!!

Make these for Santa, your family, or (if you’re really feeling the holiday spirit) maybe even to gift to someone.

And don’t worry. This is a big batch recipe. Nibble away, no one will miss one or two or five!! 😉 – Nagi x

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