Best Phora Quotes 2021

Best Phora Quotes

You smile more when you seperate yourself from the negativity.

I believe in myself way too much to let anyone stop me from getting what I deserve.

life is better when You let go of all the toxic shit.

Grow with people who value you.

loyalty is rare these days.

We hurt the ones we love because of our pain.

We dig for love, bury the past and end up in a grave.

I would love to. Someone I look up to, and also has helped me with personal things I’ve went thru. Will always have love and respect for G.

Surround yourself with good people & good energy.

People change, circumstances change, but God always remains the same.

The right people don’t need anything from you but YOU.

We running from the past and we numb ourselves hoping it’d last.

I’m glad I grew enough to let go of a lot of s**t that was holding me back.

No matter how many times you fall, you gotta make sure you get up and go 10 times harder.

Don’t be afraid to outgrow what no longer serves you.

Handle yourself with care, Protect your space with growth, Nurture your process with love.

I just pray my love never goes unnoticed no matter how misunderstood it is.

I’m living in a world so fake, I lost touch of the real me. Had to take a look back, just to ask me if I’m still me.

When you’re growing, healing, and transforming in life, other people’s expectations are a distraction.

Your growth is going to confuse people who weren’t really trying to grow with you.

Forgive me for being gone. I’m back now. I pray you’re as ready as I am.

I’ve been caring less. living more. letting go.

Make sure u happy in real life first.

Two things I will never forget , who stayed down & who switched up.

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Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of yourself for how hard you’re trying now.

Make sure they love you. Not what you do, what you got, or who you’ll become one day.

Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it.

If they really love you then they’ll never forget you.

What you say to yourself about yourself matters. Choose your words carefully.

Anything toxic gotta go, life is too short to be mad/sad everyday.

Change the way you respond to people who don’t deserve a response from you.

My heart and my time are two things I stopped giving.

Once you get a taste of peace, you’ll cut anybody off to keep it.

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Phora Inspirational and motivational quotes;

Phora inspirational and motivational quotes
Phora inspirational and motivational quotes

Don’t let this world and all these fake people upset you. Keep your head high, you should know that you special.

You’ll be amazed at what you attract after you start believing in what you deserve.

Be proud but go harder. Keep proving things to yourself.

Always aim to grow and improve yourself whether others give you approval or not.

Phora quotes about life;

A lot of times in life you just gotta keep it pushing, no matter how much it hurts.

Make sure you’re happy in real life not just for social media.

I keep on going hopin’ it’s worth it. I’m still fighting all these demons in my head. I’m never really alone, ’cause they’ll be with me ’til I’m dead.

I’m livin’ life on the edge, I’ve been takin’ risks. I’m—too young to worry about marriage and having kids.

Phora quotes about love;

Roses are red and violets are blue. Why does every love song remind me of you?

I never knew that love was so true. And if I have to tell the truth, girl. I’ve never been in love before you.

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I ain’t noticed love was blind until I opened my eyes. Stayin’ up late nights, we never notice the time.

We always seem to run from those who love us the most. And we never open up because we scared to get close.

Best Phora Quotes And Sayings

“I don’t trust a soul & never do I fuck with hoes.” – Phora

“Si poquito mi amor, I’m not you average.” – Phora

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger like your first love!” – Phora

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“It’s funny how the games you play never come with time outs.” – Phora

“Time flys when I’m with you seconds turn to hours, and me falling for you was so out of my power.” – Phora

“And I don’t dwell on what I can’t get, instead I put my time nd effort on everything I have left!” – Phora

“And i don’t joke about my death but sometimes I wanna put a rope around my neck & let it choke me to rest.” – Phora

phora quotes about life

“I’m still a kid so I still make mistakes I just wanna live yo’ before the good times fade away.” – Phora

“All my old friends tell me that I changed, all of these new kids around me for the fame but time will tell between real and fake.” – Phora

“It’s hard to show my Love cause growing up I never felt it.” – Phora

“Ask for forgiveness for your past mistakes & heal scars from the family that past away. Help you find the light in the blackest days.” – Phora

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“Cause when the sun goes down it doesn’t last a day!” – Phora

“I just wish I knew what it was so I could change it not for you but for us.” – Phora

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger like your first love.” – Phora

“Keep the fame cause when I dream I never dream about the bling or the ice, Nah my only dream is changing a life.” – Phora

“U tryna run from something but that’s something ain’t leaving, I just wish I knew what it was so I can change it, not for u but for us.” – Phora

phora quotes love

“If I shall pass today, I hope I will be remembered for the good that I did, instead of the mistakes I’ve made…” – Phora

“It’s crazy how we love people that hurt us and hurt people we love…” – Phora

“I put my past aside, and focus on my future but so difficult when people that love you start to hate you.” – Phora

“If I could be something in someone’s life I would be their Guardian angle” – Phora

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“See I done tried every single fucking drug on that shelf, trust me man it doesn’t help. I just feel like I’m losing myself.” – Phora

“We hate ourselves because we run from the people we love.”” – Phora

“If God exists why he never tries to show us that this life is more than pain, cause is hard to live when you’re dead inside and they say I’m worthless cause I ain’t a Christian.” – Phora

phora quotes i think i love you

”I’m not scared of commitment, I’m scared of wasting my time.” – Phora

“Love is like a Rose, flawless to the eyes, beautiful at first but eventually it dies.” – Phora

“What happened to us and the love we used to have each other.” – Phora

“I’ll always love you,

I’m just not in love anymore.” – Phora

“Do you know what it’s like to put a gun to your head, but ain’t nobody saying ‘DON’T DO IT!’?” – Phora

“Lately, I don’t even know who to trust, they saying even Satan was an angel once.” – Phora

phora quotes fake smiles

“I love you but I hate me.” – Phora

“I can’t smile like I’m okay, I just can’t fake it no more.” – Phora

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