Best Martin Luther King Jr. Day Greetings

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Greetings

Every year on the third Monday of January, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated in the United States of America.

It marks a celebration of the one of the most popular civil right activists of America i.e., Luther King. It is a national holiday under the Uniform Monday holiday act of the country.

King’s struggle to fight against the racial discrimination in the country took everyone by storm and it initiated a movement in support of the black lives.

_I have a dream is what the King said in his famous speech and it is the duty of every American to stand by his dream and bring it true! Let’s celebrate the day.

_The bullet might have killed Martin Luther King but his ideas are forever etched in the hearts of those who wish to stand by Black lives.

_Be it Martin Luther King or George Flyod, the fight against racial discrimination remains the same and to be fought until we see dawn!

_The day is a good remembrance of what Black lives had went through in the country and also to ensure that the history never repeats itself.

_King showed us the way that peaceful protests can speak louder than armed violence. Let’s come together and celebrate the ideals of the man on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

_The battle for civil rights and poverty shall always stay abreast due to the legitimacy of the claims made by Luther King Jr. We all stand by his reforms and actions.

_May god bless the soul of the man who sparked revolution with his words and non-violent actions. He showed us the way ahead for peaceful revolts!

_Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. With his words that selfishness is the pathway to self destruction. Let us live for others and try to make the world a better place!

_On the Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let’s take an oath that the time to do right is always ripe and hence there is no need to wait for it anymore. Start today!

_Education is only worthwhile if you use it to enhance your intelligence. Degree holds no value if you aren’t a good human being.

_Martin Luther King Jr paved the way for the entire society to grow in tandem but the sad part is that he had to fight to set his ideals straight!

_It is with time that we realise that the fight put up silently by Martin Luther King Jr. is what has helped neutrality and opportunity to come to every one of us alike!

_There are no right time to start doing good work, if you think it today then start it now. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

_ The most amazing thing about growing big in life is to be able to help those who need it more than the ones who fake it. Grow and help other shine!

_On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we all should come together and ensure that there is no discrimination left on the face of this earth. All hail the King!

_Injustice in a single cell of the society can incur injustice to the entire society! Deal with it now before it destroys the world you live in.

_Everyone is a human and everyone has the chance to grow as they should. There is no one who can say that they are privileged while the other one is not!

_You can push people away from the sunlight into the chills but remember that season changes and the sun will be on the other side soon!

_No one cares how long you live but all that matters is the quality of life! Let us take a pledge to better the lives of those who are connected with us today!

_Inequality is a demon that is killed every decade but comes back even stronger in the next decade. We need a Martin Luther King Jr. even today to raise genuine protests!

_ Forgiveness and love comes hand in hand and hence the need for both to have a happy life is extreme

_Martin Luther King Jr. Day only reminds us of the great struggle of the man who wished to offer an equal platform to people of all classes and race.

_On this day, we all should come together to stop hate and spread love and help those who need not those who greed. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. DAY!

_There is no race greater than humanity and if you excel in this then the soul of Martin Luther King Jr. smiles from heavens and showers you with love.

_The more you give to the world the better you receive from them back. Learn to give and make those lives worthy who have lost the purpose of living.

_Martin Luther King Jr. is the reason why Black Lives matter today, tomorrow and forever and after. We owe one to him!

_Martin Luther King Jr. made equality his point of struggle and he is the reason why many of us are being paid for our jobs! Rise and shine and celebrate the day

_On this day every year we come to terms with the fact that the revolution for rights will never stop and Martin Luther King Jr. was killed as he raised protest! All hail Luther king!

_The only constant thing in life should be movement. Never ever stagnant yourself or your knowledge. Enjoy your Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday!

_Union holidays on Mondays are truly amazing but you have got to know the struggle of Martin Luther King Jr. who did it all to earn you this holiday and also a life of equality.

_Let us all come together and do some good for this world and its people just like Martin Luther King Jr. did. Tribute to the great man on Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


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