Best Doctor Doom Quotes

10“Doctor Doom Does Not Beg.”

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In graphic novel “Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom: Triumph & Torment” by Roger Stern, the two aforementioned doctors take part in a contest to determine the next Sorcerer Supreme. Though Strange retains his title, Doom emerges as the runner-up and, per contest traditions, is allowed to ask a favor of the victor. Doom thus requests that Strange journey with him to the realm of Mephisto to rescue the soul of his mother, Cynthia Von Doom.

When Strange asks why Doom has never asked him for help before, Doom’s ego shines through; not even his mother’s salvation is worthy of submitting himself before another.

9“Pain? That Is For Lesser Men. From This Day On I Know No Pain.”

doctor doom comic book page

Doom’s origins were first recounted in Fantastic Four Annual #2 in a tale told by his creators Jack Kirby & Stan Lee. In 2005, Ed Brubaker & Pablo Raimondi updated this story for the 21st century with their mini-series Books Of Doom. In the fourth of six issues, Doom finally forges his iconic armor while living in a secretive monastery in the Himalayas.

Brubaker & Raimondi add another wrinkle to why Doom wears the enchanted armor; throughout Books Of Doom‘s earliest chapters, the young Victor is besieged by hellish nightmares of his mother’s captor, Mephisto. He thus seals his flesh behind metal not just to hide the scars which ruined his once handsome face, but to block those in the underworld from being able to poison his thoughts.

8“You, The Legendary Bravest Of The Brave, Shall Live Out The Rest Of Your Days In Abject Fear…”

Full Quote: “You, the legendary bravest of the brave, shall live out the rest of your days in abject fear, watching helplessly as I bend the world to my will. Knowing you are utterly powerless to stop me, that you are no longer important enough for me to destroy.”

Kirby & Lee’s Fantastic Four #57-60 (later adapted as the series finale of the 1994 Fantastic Four cartoon) features Doom stealing the Power Cosmic of the Silver Surfer. In the aforementioned animated adaptation, Doom traps his arch-enemies on a deserted island. Rather than killing them, however, Doom decides to leave the Four stranded there, while he goes off to conquer the world with his new power.

7“This World Is Mine To Rule, And Mine Alone. These… Reptiles May Not Have It.”

doctor doom comic book page

Debuting in the second season premiere of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Doom is never properly villainous during the series. Instead, Doom is working to prevent the Skrull invasion, a storyline which builds throughout the season’s first half; he ends up providing Iron Man with a device which can undo the Skrulls’ shape-shifting.

Doom doesn’t oppose the Skrulls out of simple altruism, however – rather, he helps the heroes because he’s not going to allow alien invaders to take the world he sees as his to rule

6“Dear, Dear Valeria. I Will Miss You More Than Any Will Ever Imagine… But I Will Always Hold You Close To Me.”

In the storyline “Unthinkable,” by Mark Waid & the late Mike Wieringo, Doom concludes that he made a mistake in choosing science over magic – trying to beat Richards at his own game is why he’s destined to failure. Thus, he makes a pact with a cabal of demons to receive enhanced skills in sorcery. Like all deals with the devil, the powers come with a price.

Doom tracks down his childhood love, Valeria. When they meet, Doom proclaims he wishes to leave villainy behind and reunite with her. Once she accepts, he reveals the horrifying truth – her soul is the price of his new power, and she is simultaneously burned and skinned alive by the demons. In an utterly grotesque turn, her flayed flesh is then weaved together into Doom’s new armor.

5“Doom Is No Man’s Second Choice.”

doctor doom comic book page

The overarching narrative of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run is that the multi-verse is slowly collapsing, one universe at a time. Several powerful players on Earth-616 (the main Marvel universe) are trying to preserve their home dimension. Namor the Sub-Mariner, one of those power players, is initially aligned with the Illuminati. After he finds his super-heroic peers in the group are held back by their morality, Namor forms a new alliance of villains: the Cabal.

The Cabal begin slaughtering entire worlds to save others – when Namor becomes horrified by his allies, he turns to Doom for help in both opposing the Cabal and in turn, saving their universe. Doom refuses – Namor has come to him only as a last resort, and so is unworthy of Doom’s assistance.

4“Now, Let Mankind Beware, For Doctor Doom Has Attained Powers Without Limit – Power Enough To Challenge Galactus Himself!”

doctor doom comic book page

In Fantastic Four #57, Doom lures the Silver Surfer to his castle in Latveria. On Page 15, a single panel is devoted to depicting Doom as he drains the Power Cosmic from Galactus’ former servant into his own being, the red-black waves of energy making for an excellent color contrast with Doom’s own green cloak and grey armor.

As the Surfer lies coiled and powerless on the floor, Doom stands over him triumphant, unbridled power emanating from his armor, the anticipation of final victory visible even through his mask.

3“Imagine, I Now Possess The Power To End Hunger…”

Full Quote: “Imagine, I now possess the power to end hunger! To abolish disease! To eliminate crime! To establish a perfectly content, perfectly ordered world, all under the benevolence of my iron will!”

The one remarkable element of the 1994 Fantastic Four cartoon was Doom; Simon Templeton’s smooth, baritone voice perfectly fit the character. In series finale, “Doomsday,” after Doom has successfully stolen the Silver Surfer’s powers, he delivers a grandiose monologue that encapsulates Doom’s goals like no other.

As he prepares for his conquest, literally holding an image of Earth in his palm, Doom lays out a vision of his new world; a better world, one free from want, but ruled absolutely by him. This is what sets Doom apart from so many other fictional would-be world conquerors; he desires not simple power, but to genuinely create a better world. Of course, unless he first rules this world, he’s not going to bother trying to improve it.

2“Miss Van Dyne, I Am Not Some Common Criminal That Can Be Distracted By Your Prattling…”

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Full Quote: “Miss Van Dyne, I am not some common criminal that can be distracted by your prattling. You are nothing to Doom. And your pathetic attempts to play mind games with me amount to exactly less than nothing. So please, stop embarrassing yourself.”

The Doom of Avengers: EMH may well be the greatest incarnation of the character outside of comics. In his debut episode, “The Private War of Doctor Doom,” he has his Doombots abduct the Invisible Woman and, incidentally, the Wasp. As Doom does his work, the captive Wasp taunts hims; she is met by continued silence, and so only escalates. Eventually, Doom speaks up, only to let her know little she and her insults mean to him- nothing at all, if that. Even the incessantly chatty Wasp is rendered briefly silent by Doom’s response.

1 “I Was A God, Valeria. I Found It… Beneath Me.”

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In the final issue of Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four run, #611 (drawn by Ryan Stegman & Paul Mounts), Doom wields two Infinity Gauntlets and attempts to create a new universe, one he will be the God of. The plan fails, but Doom takes it in stride, telling Valeria Richards he ultimately found the prospect of Godhood “beneath him.”

This remark encapsulates Doom’s ethos like no other. Doom may have an ego dwarfing the universe itself, but he has gotten where he is through struggle and tribulation – the ease of living with omnipotence simply doesn’t suit him.

Doctor Doom Quotes

His arrogance and Shakespearean delivery of regal statements and terrifying threats are just two of the things that I love about him. To show you how magnificent his eloquence is, I present to you the top 10 Doctor Doom quotes in no particular order:

1. No man speaks to Doom this way. Even Captain America.

2. Dolts! Such insolence will not go unpunished!

3. Pain? Pain is like love — like compassion! It is a thing only for lesser men. What is pain to Doom?

4. The King of Latveria is no common murderer. If I cannot magnificently win a victory, it affords me no pleasure to merely slay a foe.

5. Your fortuitous arrival is most welcome! Now, I am spared the bother of hunting you down!

6. The world must not lose a magnificent brain like mine!

7. The clapping shall go on for another hour. Have the first one who stops clapping brought out and shot.

8. You dare to impugn my honesty? I, the Lord of Latveria? The mightiest of monarchs?

9. Before this day is ended, mankind shall grovel helplessly at my feet — and, as fate has obviously ordained — Doctor Doom shall be Master of Earth!

10. Show me the puny mortal who does not tremble at the name of Doctor Doom!

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